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Double room La Bella Otero

La Bella Otero

Agustina Otero Iglesias, (Ponte de Valga, Pontevedra (Galicia), Spain, November 4, 1868 - Nice, France, April 10, 1965), Spanish-born dancer known as La Bella Otero.

Settled in France,was one of the most prominent personalities of the French Belle Époque sophisticated art circles and the “gallant life” of Paris.


"About Carolina Otero fascinated me that at forty-six years she decided to retire completely to not destroy her own myth." These are the words of Carmen Posadas, a writer who followed for two years the footsteps of Carolina Agustina Otero Iglesias and wrote a book demystifying and at the same time full of admiration. Like many other divas of any age, the beautiful Otero invented her own history of an Andalusian family. With a beauty and talent that makes men trembled, broke through in the stunning Parisian celebrity.

However, she was not andalusian but a poor galleguiña of unknown father, forced by a criminal with just ten years. Perhaps, because of that premature and traumatic encounter with sex, her innocence has gone without problems in the first brothel doors and never returned. Thanks to a first boyfriend came from Galicia and through the first important benefactor, jumped from Barcelona to Marseille and thence to theFolies Bergère  in Paris, now as La Bella Otero. Her dances, half erotic half flamenco, made her the great sexual symbol of the Belle Epoque. In a few years her star would shine all over the world.

Otero was also one of the most famous and sought after courtesans of Parisian society. She was a lover of, among others, Albert of Monaco, the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, Nicholas II of Rusia, Leopold II of Belgium, Alfonso XIII of Spain, Edward VII of England y Aristide Briand, a leading French politician considered one of the precursors of the European Union. From all, got jewelry and wonderful gifts. Some leading businessmen were ruined because of her and others committed suicide crazed passion and jealousy, but none managed to separate her from her one true love: gambling. She squandered her vast fortune among the many casinos she had always at hand, and especially in what was her real downfall, the Monte Carlo.

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